Today's really disgusting

2010-08-25 17:11:14 by AxelTheNavy

I'm eating fucking cold Beefaroni with a squishy, muddy ass.
fuckin, I try to microave Beefaroni while takin a shit, right? Then my mom comes in the kitchen, AND NEVER LEAVES. Fuckin, the bathroom's IN the kicthen, so it makes shitting really, REALLY awkward knowing she's in the room able to hear my audible excrement.
So I do a quick finish, and I don't even wipe my ass, and I get the beefaroni and go, walking with a semi-limp, pretending as if my ass wasn't squishy, and I bounce upstairs. Fuckin my dad was taking a shower in the other bathroom.So I'm walking around waiting for him to finish, but then I'm like fuckit, but by this time my Beefaroni's cold, so I go back downstairs, and my mom's heating shit up, like 3 plates of food. and I didn't even feel like bothering to ask her, she'd tell me to wait anyway so I said fuck it, went upstairs, squishy ass cold Beefaroni and all. Now I'm eating fucking cold Beefaroni with a squishy, muddy ass.

Today's really disgusting


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2010-08-25 17:16:04

Based on a true story.

AxelTheNavy responds:

I was SO pissed


2010-08-25 17:43:01

Good fucking lord.
I am so sorry, man.

AxelTheNavy responds:

Thank you ;(


2010-08-26 15:28:55

You deserve some omtish my good sir.


2010-08-30 13:00:24



2010-09-03 15:57:50

CALYPSO WAS MINE FIRST! Check the date and you'll see it!

AxelTheNavy responds:

You're just jealous


2010-09-14 17:52:06

i laugh at your misery. because you're waaaay too into penises. yea, i'm hatin'. BECAUSE IT'S TRUE.


2010-09-16 16:43:17

'kay, that just made me sounds like a gay-blasting dickhead. gay people are fine but leave dicks attached to men.