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AxelTheNavy's News

Posted by AxelTheNavy - September 26th, 2011


Posted by AxelTheNavy - July 26th, 2011

Aight, so I had been wantin' to make some primo-swag shirts. I made some designs and shit and I really dig them, as well as my homies. but like, I don't know if young-gunz today like yourselves, enjoy witty phrases (i.e. Family Guy, they make the FUNNIEST SHIRTS OMG STEWIE IS AWESOME! DIE WOMAN XD)

The designs:
http://i804.photobucket.com/albums/yy3 22/axelthenavy/nakookee2.png
http://i804.photobucket.com/albums/yy3 22/axelthenavy/robo.png?t=1311720299
http://i804.photobucket.com/albums/yy3 22/axelthenavy/nazihayde4.png
http://i804.photobucket.com/albums/yy3 22/axelthenavy/nazihayde5.png
http://i804.photobucket.com/albums/yy3 22/axelthenavy/nazihayde5.png
http://i804.photobucket.com/albums/yy3 22/axelthenavy/PaulsGayBackground.png
A Hat:
http://i804.photobucket.com/albums/yy3 22/axelthenavy/honorarykawaiistar.png

Sick joking aside, I for one don't really enjoy that "witty" phrase shit, and I'd figure people would just rather have my gay little drawings and stuff. If so I'd be willin to make shirts, buttons , badges, hats, mugs, STIENS, coasters, hairpins, Air Jordans, automatic condoms, etc. I just gotta find a good holder/shipper or whatever that does this shit.

Spazkid wants to do the same thing. I'm really looking forward to the 3 fat people who actually buy these, and yes I want pictures for me to bate on. And yes, we do sell XXXXL.

Kawaii Merchandise & Swag

Posted by AxelTheNavy - July 11th, 2011

Hey thanks for the award. Still wish I could have beaten "Second's Chan" as I believe it's called, the trilling (love?) tale about how a lonely 40 year old robot stumbles upon a pink dildo and uses it to complete his sex-robot-slave.
I'd give you a link but its on FP, if you can't find it n***ard you stupid. I laughed, I cried, I didn't know how to feel because I had no idea what was going on. But it's front page so you know it's good.

Anyway, my "Kawaii Robo" thing is still up. I wish I could have been as good as JordanD's anibomination, I mean animation, but that will sadly never happen. go watch if you give fucks.

Anyway, also apparently, Tupac is alive again.

..Who knew!?

Anyway I goin to do a few skits before I even start the second Kawaii Battle Stars. Also gonna practice not to suck. Also taking criticism, and nurturing it like a autistic baby. Also gonna help with stuff Spazkid do. that it


Posted by AxelTheNavy - June 16th, 2011

"Mien swagger is total"
Money boy..Hottest n****r in the game

Also here were unused concepts for the next episode, where the KBS crew transform into fagsImeanfurs and cub out while rolling around in there own feces, urine and filth.


Posted by AxelTheNavy - June 10th, 2011

Posted by AxelTheNavy - February 28th, 2011


It's getting there

Posted by AxelTheNavy - October 13th, 2010

It's comin like like I'm drummin'
bitch suck my dick, make a noise like you hummin'


/* */

Fuckin, it's comin'

Posted by AxelTheNavy - August 25th, 2010

I'm eating fucking cold Beefaroni with a squishy, muddy ass.
fuckin, I try to microave Beefaroni while takin a shit, right? Then my mom comes in the kitchen, AND NEVER LEAVES. Fuckin, the bathroom's IN the kicthen, so it makes shitting really, REALLY awkward knowing she's in the room able to hear my audible excrement.
So I do a quick finish, and I don't even wipe my ass, and I get the beefaroni and go, walking with a semi-limp, pretending as if my ass wasn't squishy, and I bounce upstairs. Fuckin my dad was taking a shower in the other bathroom.So I'm walking around waiting for him to finish, but then I'm like fuckit, but by this time my Beefaroni's cold, so I go back downstairs, and my mom's heating shit up, like 3 plates of food. and I didn't even feel like bothering to ask her, she'd tell me to wait anyway so I said fuck it, went upstairs, squishy ass cold Beefaroni and all. Now I'm eating fucking cold Beefaroni with a squishy, muddy ass.

Today's really disgusting

Posted by AxelTheNavy - August 19th, 2010

It's like a DC spinoff,
So the main guy is an aspiring hand-model at the age of 20. his parents hate his decision and do not support him, and want him to take "boring office job #280302." Any ways, he finds his great-grandads wristwatch in his basement while looking for hand creme, turns out it's encrusted with a rare jewel. He pawns it, and makes a fortune. then while searching for a purpose and an outlet for his chunk of LB's, He sees INSERT HERO HERE on TV and has an epiphany (or drunken spur of the moment) and says "I can do that shit homie!"

He finds an old version of RED X's suit online and buys it, and alters it, and also buys year supply of "gorilla-semen hair gel."
*scene missing*
Later during his first nigh time patrol, he sees Permafrost (from Static Shock) being hassled by people with houses. They taunt her with visions of bed and tubs that aren't bug infested.
So he's watching it and before he gets a chance to do any thing she freezes em'.

He's all like "Woah Homer!."
Goes up to her to try and ask if she can join her, but she's reclusive as all fuck, and goes into schizophrenic rants.
He offers her a space on the floor in his low rent apartment (spent all the damn money on the suit and hair gel), and a mentor (pretends like he actually knows stuff, this will provide comic situations)
she gets all puppy eyed and accepts.

Turns out the dad that walked out on her as a child is the mayor, and is corrupt as shit, and an overall dick by nature seeing as how his wife died right after he left. He gets pissed at the heroes for stealing his spotlight and creating property damage. So he uses his power to create anarchy just to get rid of them (kill them, run them out of town). He even resorts to creating mutants especially for the occasion, he's that nice.

So they continue fighting evil and living of Top Ramen and dirty fuckin' tap-water. They also fry and eat a boot in one scene.

Comic idea

Posted by AxelTheNavy - August 18th, 2010

I'm so proud ;)